Wix Database to Airtable

Integrating a wix database form to another application has always been a technical pain. Solutions out there are implemented via some complex codes.

Please find below a simple form which once entered will send the data to Airtable 


Ok. Great. Your entry submitted was successful.

The same is now updated in the wix database defined and has also been updated
to Airtable via zapier.

Click the button below to view your entry 


Using this solution, you can even integrate your database to various other applications like a CRM, Marketing software or any other application in zapier.

If you liked the solution, please click on the paypal link below for me to integrate the solution for you.


Once done, I shall connect with you to take further details for integrating the same for you.

If there is any other integration on wix to be done, please feel free to email me: wixtozapier@gmail.com