Airtable to Wix Database

What I showed in the previous solution is transfer of data from Wix databases to external applications. 

In this example, I show you how entries in Airtable sheet can be transferred to a Wix database.

Sample Airtable sheets file* in which entries can either be added or modified.


Certain rules to follow while editing the airtable file:

  • Column A (Title) field cannot be edited. 

  • It does not work for the deletion of rows. Only added or edited row

  • Once you have added/edited rows, please wait 15mins before seeing the repeater table below with the data.

  • This is cause the integration is done in batches of 15mins through Integromat.

Once you enter a row or modify data within a row, it will hit a database on my website and show up in the repeater table provided below


Repeater Table with all the database content

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